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The following storage unit(s) will be sold at public auction by Lock-It-Up Self Storage on or after 10.30.2021 at Leonard's Auction Service, 6350 Consear Road, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267.

*The actual date and time of the auction could be held on a later date. For exact date and time, contact the auctioneer via the website at

Unit: 4013 , Glinda Goucher

606 W. Cummins St. Apt. 5 Tecumseh, MI 49286 John Deere mower, trash cans, hedge trimmer, holiday décor, cooler, wagon, appliance cart, mailbox, weed trimmer, rake, fan, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4007 , Glinda Goucher

606 W. Cummins St. Apt. 5 Tecumseh, MI 49286 Metal cabinets, coat rack, Garden Weasel, shovels, holiday décor, model cars, wrapping paper holder, spotlight, step stool, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1104 , Shane Parker

2985 Gady Rd. Lot 61 Adrian, MI 49221 Dasani electric cooler, X Box 360, X box games, tools, office chair, clothes, desk, car amplifier, car audio speakers, toys, shoes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1038 , Teri Yoder

322 Logan St. Adrian, MI 49221 Mattresses, box spring, sectional sofa, washer, table, stool, mirror, shelves, linens, sweeper, duffel bag, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 3073 , Alex Smith

216 Vickie Lane Fostoria, OH 44830 Rocking chair, reclining sofa, end table, clocks, clothes, fire pit, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 14045 , Ki Karr

100 N. Scott St. Arcadia, OH 44804 Microwave, toaster oven, nightstand, washer, clothes, shoes, monitor, stool, laundry basket, cords, cables, totes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 15022 , Keriena Spinks

1020 McKinley St. Fremont, OH 43420 Couches, milk crate, clothes, futon mattress, dustpan, miscellaneous items

Unit: 16003 , Morgan Bowers

408 Oaklawn Ave. Fremont, OH 43420 Animal crate, patio table/w chairs, clothes rack, table

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Ottawa Lake North of Sylvania

6424 Memorial Highway, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267

Unit: 10107 , Ben Bartja

2921 119th St. Toledo, OH 43611 TV, desk

Unit: 7361 , Letha Neorr

2010 Small Dr. Apt. 101 Pearl, MS 39208 Axe, mallet, chairs, lamp, vintage record player, tackle box, home décor, pictures, vintage board games, golf clubs, vintage Coke bottles, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5223 , James Morten

4127 Gilhouse Rd. Toledo, OH 43623 Chest, adult magazines, stroller, Easter yard sign, card table

Unit: 5244 , Dean Kastel

10030 Whiteford Center Rd. Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 Crib, headboard, footboard, crutches, clothes, animal wall mounts, rope, chair, laundry baskets, cabinet, baseball cards, toys, PVC fittings, electric saw, rake, hoe, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5246-5247 , Dean Kastel

10030 Whiteford Center Rd. Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 Coolers, dollhouse, ottoman, TV, guitar, dishes, hoverboard, train tracks, laminator, trunk, Christmas tree, patio umbrella, mirror, dressers, dining table w/ chairs, kerosene heater, toys, heater, banquet chairs, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 2504 , Amie Swicegood

7374 Lunitas Lane Perrysburg, OH 43551 Laundry baskets, chest of drawers, electric guitar, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1204 , Jennifer Eickholt

109 Three Meadows Ct. Perrysburg, OH 43551, 311 E. Merry Ave. Bowling Green, OH 43402 Mattress, dolly, broom, lawn chairs, tackle box, desk, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 6101 , Julia Kwiatkowski

1135 N. Holland – Sylvania Rd. Toledo, OH 43615 Computer desk, office chair, briefcase, mirror, laptop, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 4111 , Sherae C. Dotson

211 Hausman St. Toledo, Oh 43608 Toys, Child bed w/mattress, microwave, table, love seat, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5203 , Naisha Finn

1920 Collingwood Blvd. Apt. 508 Toledo, OH 43604 Luggage, various boxes and bags, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3105 , Melissa Kwapich

1993 N. Summit St. Toledo, Oh 43611 Dressers, end tables, TV, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4307 , Emerson Ware

2530 Montebello Rd. Toledo, OH 43607 Pool table, microwave, couches, George Foreman grill, chairs, sweeper, iron, broom, dustpan, fan, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2418 , Wesley Jones

2546 Kenwood Blvd. Toledo, OH 43606 Laundry basket, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2108 , Nathaniel Fullove

1443 Foster Ave. Toledo, OH 43606 Clothes, folding chairs, chairs, books, shredder, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5103 , Liberty Alexander

2820 Airport Hwy. Apt. L Toledo, OH 43609 DVD’s, golf clubs, speakers, miscellaneous items

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Toledo Southwest Holland

6387 South Avenue, Toledo, OH 43615

Unit: 7045 , Ronald Ditmyer

3514 Moffat Rd. Toledo, OH 43615 Dressers, filing cabinet, construction cones, microwave cabinet, workbench, garden tools, exercise equipment, chair, TV stand, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6030 , Mohammed Jarouche

1844 Brownstone Blvd. Apt. C32 Toledo, OH 43614 Bread box, mattress, box spring, bed frame, dresser, miscellaneous items

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Toledo Southwest Reynolds Corner

802 South Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH 43615

Unit: 10112 , Taijuanna Williams

772 Boles Dr. Toledo, OH 43605 Luggage, pillows, baby bouncers, clothes, safe, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5013 , Ira Uribes

6553 Angola Rd. Holland, Oh 43528 Acoustic guitar, milk crate, stove, easel, tire, tools, air compressor, buckets, table saw, extension cords, camping chairs, sink, child’s bike, tools, printers, piano w/bench, blankets, suitcase, leaf blower

Unit: 10124 , Timothy Cherry

126 Warrington Rd. Toledo, OH 43612 Tires, milk crates, wrapping paper, shovel, sweeper, Christmas tree, corkboard, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7006 , Kevin Chisholm

1734 Brownstone Blvd. Apt. D Toledo, OH 43614 Records, couch, ottoman, milk crates, luggage, stereo, briefcase, heater, sweeper, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 1019 , Shannon McCullough

5920 Walnut Circle B11 Toledo, OH 43615 Fire pit, entertainment center, cooler, mattress, box spring, bed frame, desk, curio cabinet, chairs, clothes, shoes, miscellaneous items

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Toledo West Miracle Mile

4601 Jackman Rd., Toledo, OH 43612

Unit: 6404 , Bobby Young

722 Cherry St. Apt. A1 Toledo, OH 43604 Folding lawn chair, milk crate, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5403-5404 , Thomas Flowers Jr.

1542 Jermain Dr. Toledo, OH 43606 Walker, Child’s chair, toy, hammer, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4311-4312 , David Jasin

5453 Harschel Dr. Toledo, OH 43623 Box spring, child size mattress, heater, printer, dresser, small table, trunk, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5320 , John Rowan

5257 Jackman Rd. #1 Toledo, OH 43613 Laundry basket, dresser, golf clubs, miscellaneous items

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Toledo West Northtowne

5401 Telegraph Rd, Toledo, OH 43612

Unit: 4137 , Carie Lynn Orr

2465 Collingwood Blvd. Toledo, OH 43620 Clothes rack, hangers, clothes, wastebasket, 3 tier metal rack, mattress, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4045 , Natalie Anne Orth

2272 Tremainsville Rd. Toledo, OH 43613 Miscellaneous boxes

Unit: 1201 , Haley Wasnich

116 Warrington Rd. Toledo, OH 43612 Chairs, shoes, laundry baskets, lamp shade, table, sweeper, holiday décor, dustpan, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1025 , Michelle Hiltner

5211 Grosse Point Pkwy. Toledo, OH 43611 Fans, mattress, box spring, loveseat, dresser, ironing board, footboard, headboard, chairs, office chair, luggage, computer tower, milk crate, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 1004-1055 , Anthony Garland

3942 Sylvanwood Dr. Sylvania, OH 43560 Animal cage, bricks, pallets, expandable plates, desks, bags of concrete, wood planks, folding chairs, toys, limestone samples, chest, plastic gate, file folders, worktable, Shop Vac, lamp, dolly, ottoman, clothes, miscellaneous items

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