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The following storage unit(s) will be sold at public auction by Lock-It-Up Self Storage on or after 07.30.2022 at Leonard's Auction Service, 6350 Consear Road, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267.

*The actual date and time of the auction could be held on a later date. For exact date and time, contact the auctioneer via the website at

Unit: 2057 , Marie Frederick

289 Stieff Adrian, MI 49221 Christmas décor, totes, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 10011 , Mark Zimmerman

22867 Defiance Pine Custer, OH 43511, 22867 Defiance Pike Custer, OH 43511 Bed frame, mattress, box spring, TV cabinet, desk, dining table, folding table, dolly, wrapping paper, end tables, cabinets, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 2223 , Jeremiah Smith

1721 Moore St. Apt. 1 Fremont, OH 43420 Glass patio table, vehicle seats, totes, ironing board, nightstands, chest, roller blades, yoga mat, lawn chair, scooter, bookshelves, patio umbrella, lamps, flask, shop light, folding table, bar stool, fishing pole, chicken wire, kitchen chairs, flag, cooler, clothes, broom, miscellaneous items

Unit: 15047 , Robert Smith

1200 Alger St. Fremont, OH 43420 Booster seat, floor lamps, Stingray bike, plastic shelf, toys, entertainment center, coffee table, Hello Kitty CD player, sweeper, dollhouse, luggage, dressers, child’s kitchen, child’s drawing board, kitchen items, chair, love seat, miscellaneous items

Unit: 10045 , James Barnes

2900 W. Cypress Dr. Muncie, IN 47304 Bed in a bag, dresser w/mirror, lamp, rug

Unit: 10031 , Kathleen Dukeshire

28115 Schriber St. Walbridge, OH 43465 Fuzzy folding chairs, mattresses, bed frame, dressers, mixer, cosmetology cart, cosmetology head, Cricut, printer, footbath, cube totes, luggage, basket, blanket, laundry basket, plastic drawers, shoes, beach bags, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 3024 , Christopher Miller

614 Michigan Ave. Waterville, OH 43566, 6324 Glenhurst Dr. Apt. 2 Maumee, OH 43537 Tires, rims, ladder, dolly, child’s bike, jack stands, floor lights, gas can, fishing poles, BB gun, extension cords, diesel cans, rake, tools, leaf blower, smoker, trash can, golf bag w/clubs, heater, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3025 , Christopher Miller

614 Michigan Ave. Waterville, OH 43566, 6324 Glenhurst Dr. Apt. 2 Maumee, OH 43537 Kitchen Aid mixer, grill, propane tank, tools, art, thermoses, shelf, wagon, lamps, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3026 , Christopher Miller

614 Michigan Ave. Waterville, OH 43566, 6324 Glenhurst Dr. Apt. 2 Maumee, OH 43537 Door to a Ram 1500, bed for a Ram 1500, tailgate for a Ram 1500, basketball rim, mirror, mattress, box spring, crates, shelf, bed frame, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2038 , Tonya Proehl

13555 Neapolis Waterville Rd. Lot 17 Grand Rapids, OH 43522 Highchair, totes, walker, bouncer, shovel, guitar, BB gun, Christmas tree, roaster, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 4060 , Alexandra Echler

12 East Colony Dr. Waterville, OH 43566 Stuffed animal, stroller, toys, food, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3013 , Kerry Cummins

5116 Trimble Rd. Toledo, OH 43613, 10430 Airport Hwy. Lot 187 Swanton, OH 43558 Recliner, rake, lamps, microwave, mattress, box spring, weed trimmer, sweeper, broom, clock, couch, washer, dryer, totes, heater, carpet cleaner, air compressor, Shop Vac, bed frame, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5039 , Timothy Kwiatkowski

6317 Cemetery Rd. Whitehouse, OH 43571 Clothes, luggage, wall décor, totes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5041 , Thelma Sue Smith

1113 ½ Clark St. Toledo, OH 43605 Hangers

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Unit: 5016 , Maria G. Contreras

245 Palmer St. Toledo, OH 43608 Backpack sweepers, luggage, clothes, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 2105 , Sherria Allison

205 Hanover St. Toledo, OH 43609 Dresser, basketballs, wall décor

Unit: 2502 , Gabrielle Crockett

2262 Applewood Dr. Toledo, OH 43615 Dresser, nightstands, bed frame, TV, wall décor, lamps, ottoman, couch, mattress, box spring

Unit: 5304 , Gloria Flores

1576 South Ave. Toledo, OH 43609 Mattress, headboard, footboard

Unit: 6216 , Marcus Brown

2334 Maplewood Ave. Toledo, OH 43620 TV, edger, mirror, rugs, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7104 , Erica Poole

735 Oakwood Ave. Toledo, OH 43614 Christmas décor, trash bags, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1102 , Erica Livingston

722 Amelia St. Toledo, OH 43607 Miscellaneous boxes

Unit: 8219 , Marita Holland

633 Acklin Ave. Toledo, OH 43620 Clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4305 , Joshua Northrup

1457 Western Ave. Toledo, OH 43609 Window air conditioner, mattress, sweeper

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Toledo Southwest Holland

6387 South Avenue, Toledo, OH 43615

Unit: 5007 , Talaya Tiggs

2201 Tanglewood Dr. Toledo, OH 43614 Shoes, child’s backpack, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6060 , Sheniquka Young

9839 Oak Bend Ave. Holland, OH 43528 Crutches, TV, portable air conditioner, clothes, kitchen items, totes, miscellaneous items

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Toledo Southwest Reynolds Corner

802 South Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH 43615

Unit: 1044 , Andrew Green

245 Elgin Ave. Toledo, OH 43605 Basketballs, shoes, clothes, totes, golf bag w/ clubs, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1310 , Jai Sanders

860 S. 13th St. Toledo, OH 43604 Child’s bike, fan, broom, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 8305 , Romelle Grier

1101 Steeplebush Dr. Toledo, OH 43615 Shoes, clothes, TV, totes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1009 , Dawn Hampton

5702 Angola Rd. Lot 332 Toledo, OH 43615 Child’s chair, box spring, dresser, broom, totes, glass cabinet, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1105 , Rusty Rouse

508 E. Jefferson St. Sandusky, OH 44870 Tools, car hood, bed frame, bedding, pictures, wall décor, mattress, box spring, dresser, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5010 , Jeffrey Ulch

1224 Shaker Dr. Maumee, OH 43537 Ladder, cordless drill, Miscellaneous items

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Unit: 1016 , Denielle Sanderson

5066 Jamison Dr. Apt. H1 Toledo, OH 43613 Toys, monitor, clothes, office chair, dresser, totes, blinds, wall décor, Power Wheels, miscellaneous items

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Toledo West Miracle Mile

4601 Jackman Rd., Toledo, OH 43612

Unit: 1029 , James Yazenga

1379 Berdan Ave. Toledo, OH 43612 Bed frame, wood, tools, dresser, buckets, propane tank, Dodge grill, cornhole game, 4- way tire iron, sweeper, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4133 , Jessica A. Henton

4648 Parrakeet Ave. Toledo, OH 43612 Chair, love seat, TV stand, table, duffle bag, home décor, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4155 , Allen R Jones

1305 Slater St. Toledo, OH 43612 Stroller, Box spring, mattress, dresser, end table, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5302 , Dennis L. Smith Jr.

1415 Slater St. Apt. 203 Toledo, OH 43612 Clothes, bed frame, TV stand, mattress, box spring, shoes, bedding, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4136-4137-4138-4139- , Brandon H. McNiel

142 23rd St. Apt. 207 Toledo, OH 43604 Box spring

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Toledo West Northtowne

5401 Telegraph Rd, Toledo, OH 43612

Unit: 7000 , Jeshondre N. Hollins

2906 Powhattan Pkwy. Toledo, OH 43606 Lamps, pool toy, car seat, shoes, mirror, bed frame, mattress, toys, dresser, stroller, highchair, miscellaneous items

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