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The following storage unit(s) will be sold at public auction by Lock-It-Up Self Storage on or after 03.16.2020 at Leonard's Auction Service, 6350 Consear Road, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267.

*The actual date and time of the auction could be held on a later date. For exact date and time, contact the auctioneer via the website at

Unit: 5004 , Rebecca Furlong

261 Storr Adrian, MI 49221, 2756 Drexel Blvd. Adrian, MI 49221 Bed frame, lamp, step ladder, totes, sweeper, folding table, tote bag, printer, chairs, dressers, couch, TV stands, ottoman, toaster oven, side table, home décor, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1045 , Mariah Garcia

318 May Dr. Adrian, MI 49221 Trash can, metal stand, TV stand, metal locking box

Unit: 1022 , Joshua Luck

7553 Rome Rd. Adrian, MI 49221 Coffee table, pots and pans

Unit: 1226 , Joseph Roan

215 N. Market St. Hudson, MI 49247 Child’s bike, fish tank, monitor, dresser, end table, coffee table, chair, area rug, toy box, lamp shades, laundry baskets, keyboard, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1227 , Jackie Paul

2369 Linden Ct. Adrian, MI 49221 Shelf, bassinet, welder, baby clothes, lamps, toolbox, baby gate, totes, end table, table, camping chair, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 3315 , Richard Leasock

1957 Glen Springs Dr. Apt. E1 Fremont, OH 43420 Microwave, microwave cart, kitchen table and chairs, lamps, folding chair, rolling table, couch, fan, home décor, dresser, tools, plastic set of drawers, tarp, TV, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5504 , Antonio Vasquez

213 W. Stone St. Gibsonburg, OH 43431 Fender guitar, Xbox, Epiphone guitar w/Gibson soft case, awning, small guitar amp, plastic sets of drawers, kitchen items, diapers, ironing board, guitar hero, microwave, crockpots, dish strainer, shelving, hangers, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5518 , Dominic Cook

1416 Moore St. Fremont, OH 43420 Coffee table, couch, crib mattress, stuffed animal, cooler, corner shelf

Unit: 6649 , Corey Martin

2104 Garrison St. Fremont, OH 43420 Headboard, dressers, mattresses, box springs, weed trimmer, luggage, fishing poles, garden tools, bed frame, sled, chair, folding chairs, tackle box, helmet, toys, mini fridge, bikes, remote control cars, coffee table, end tables, clothes, lawn mower, extension cord, Swiffer, router, tire drum, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7744 , Deanna Hashman

2149 Napoleon Rd. Fremont, OH 43420 Lamp shades, headboard, dresser, coffee table, end table, table, owl lamps, griddle, air conditioner, dryer, breakfast bar, kitchen items, bike, TV, chair, books, pictures, nightstand, TV, miscellaneous items

Unit: 11021 , Cody Sollars

2435 CR 74 Gibsonburg, OH 43431 Bed, mattress, pet carrier, safe/locker, cushions, bassinet, baby tub, stool, baby walker, baby toys, umbrellas, rugs, pictures, mop, broom, blankets, bedding, elevated pet feeder

Unit: 12032 , Jill McDivitt

216 Howland St. Fremont, OH 43420 Dish strainer, TV, mirror, grill, firepit, stool, cornhole games, chair, highchair, golf bag w/clubs, fan, microwave, kitchen items, dresser, entertainment center, Nu wave oven, luggage, folding chairs, clothes rack, sets of plastic drawers, charcoal, bar stool, mop, air pump, shoes, clothes, step stool, baker’s rack

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Unit: 6000/6033 , Michael Doran

3530 Weckerly Rd. Monclova, OH 43542 Wheelbarrow, carpet cleaner, trays, TV, broadcaster, ladder, gas cans, cooler, chair, clothes, board games, lanterns, generator, luggage, lamp, desk, dart board, table, garden tools, laundry basket, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5013 , John Stockard

6400 Salisbury Rd. Apt. 306 Maumee, OH 43537 Exercise equipment, holiday décor, cabinet, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 7046 , Nicole Kannerman

1016 Liberty St. Toledo, OH 43605 Tires, bikes, golf clubs, baby tub, water jug, skateboards, TV, toys, baseball bat, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5060 , Jeremy Dart

5210 Navarre Ave. Oregon, OH 43616 Lawn mower, dolly, totes, weed trimmer, toolboxes, basketball, brooms, buffer, buckets, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1010 , Daniel Stratton

1709 Spielbusch Ave. Ste. 108 Toledo, OH 43604 Toys, shoes, totes, VHS tapes, home décor, miscellaneous items

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Ottawa Lake North of Sylvania

6424 Memorial Highway, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267

Unit: 4179 , Andrew Frank

5854 Sugar Hill Ct. Sylvania, OH 43560 Chair, TV, box spring, belt, windshield washer fluid, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 4054 , Brandon Speelman

3710 Wyndham Ridge Dr. Apt. 206 Stow, OH 44224 Garden tools, totes, shovel, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 10037 , Stephanie Saba

345 West South Boundary Perrysburg, OH 43551 Garden décor, CD’s, shoes, hats, photo boxes, kimonos, art, hangers, books, wigs, bird feeders, kitchen utensils, electric heater, bulletin board, lamp, pet gate, cleaning supplies, underwear, skin balms

Unit: 8205/8206 , Stephanie Saba

345 West South Boundary Perrysburg, OH 43551 Card table, clothing rack, kimono pieces, battery charger

Unit: 8808 , Stephanie Saba

345 West South Boundary Perrysburg, OH 43551 Card table, home décor, water bottles, bamboo tea sets, artificial plants, hat box, crockpots, essential oils, food storage containers, jewelry boxes, leather gloves, Tupperware, books, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 4013 , Melinda Brown

2303 W. Sterns Rd. Temperance, MI 48182 Bird feeder, Legos, toys, boots, Cricut w/supplies, monitors, rug, armoire, credenza, TV antenna, luggage, rocking chair, dining table, purses, gas cans, lamps, folding table, folding chairs, blankets, baseball mitts, home décor, dishes, night stands, train set, holiday décor, crafting crate, bench, dresser, apple crates, set of plastic drawers, craft supplies, kitchen items, sweeper, remote control car, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3005/3006 , Peter Hannigan

9025 Legacy Ct. Temperance, MI 48182 Freezer, crates, cabinets, ladder, countertop, air compressor, totes, toolboxes, gas cans, jack stand, smoker, propane tanks, kitchen items, deep fryer, microwave, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 7222 , Keith Derring

821 Thornwood Dr. Apt. 20 Toledo. OH 43609 Clothes, dolly, coolers, art, shelving units, milk crates, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2447 , Timothy Anderson

610 Colima Dr. Toledo, OH 43609 Mattress, box spring, TV stand, bed frame, rug, dressers, home décor, linens, miscellaneous items

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Toledo Southwest Holland

6387 South Avenue, Toledo, OH 43615

Unit: 6003 , Ethel Lewis

2208 Valleybrook Dr. Toledo, OH 43615 Holiday décor, milk crates, totes, cleaning supplies, clothes, toys, toiletries, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5102 , Sherri Vasquez

4343 W. Bancroft St. 3J Toledo, OH 43615 Luggage, sweeper, nightstand, trash can, cabinets, space heater, bedding, kitchen items, purses, miscellaneous items

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Toledo Southwest Reynolds Corner

802 South Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH 43614

Unit: 2202 , Keely Annon

7519 Door St. Lot 95 Toledo, OH 43615 TV, TV stand, shoe boxes, rim, sweeper, lamp, shelves. Cleaning supplies, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7002 , Vivian P. Holgate

1225 Flaire Dr. Apt. 210 Toledo, OH 43615 Ladders, freezer, refrigerator, dryer, filing cabinet, speaker, TV trays, tools, luggage, toolbox, lamp, dresser, guitar, headboard, mattress, miscellaneous items

Unit: 10007 , Rosie Clark

2118 Upton Ave. Toledo, OH 43607 Scale, mattress, box spring, dresser, mirror, lamp, vase, patio set, sofa, piano, recliner, headboard, footboard, chair, entertainment center, table, desk, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6024 , Jerry Bibbs

340 S. Reynolds Rd. Lot 84 Toledo, OH 43615 Totes, crates, luggage, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 1029 , D. Johnson

20037 Balmoral Dr. Macomb, MI 48044 Art, child’s chair, waste basket, miscellaneous items

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Toledo West Miracle Mile

4601 Jackman Rd., Toledo, OH 43612

Unit: 1078 , Chester Taylor Jr.

3713 Roanoke Dr. Toledo OH 43616 Sofa, loveseat, reclining love seat, cushions, recliner, chairs, hoses, end table, garden tools, flashlights, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1303 , Gregory Pfefferkorn

326 Drummond Rd. Toledo, OH 43606 Food processor, extension cord, headphones, sheets, box springs, mattress, futon frame, linens

Unit: 3110 , Kaleena Fisher

3376 Glenwood Rd. Toledo, OH 43610 Headboard, bed frame, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4003 , Vernon Mullins

6248 Jacobs St. Erie, MI 48133 Umbrella, beanbag chair, area rugs, metal cart, van seat, children’s folding chairs, welcome mat, Matchbox cars

Unit: 4108-4109 , William Daniel

1333 N. Superior St. Toledo, OH 43604 Cabinet, desk, stool, cassette tapes, books, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5502 , Amy A. Paass

1835 Duncan Rd. Toledo, OH 43613 Bird cage, totes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5516 , Ramona Chafron Smith

3627 Willys Pkwy. Toledo, OH 43612 Refrigerator, washer, dryer, miscellaneous items

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Toledo West Northtowne

5401 Telegraph Rd, Toledo, OH 43612

Unit: 3027 , Shawn Never

245 Lochmoor Temperance, Mi 48182 Shop Vac, fishing pole, art, office chair, lamp, sweeper, mail carrier box, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3036 , Shawn Never

245 Lochmoor Temperance, MI 48182 Dresser, hutch, washer, dryer, dumbbells, dolly, shelf, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4035 , Rashonda Tuggle

245 Lochmoor Temperance, MI 48182 Dresser, hutch, washer, dryer, dumbbells, dolly, shelf, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7016 , Jeffrey Jakob

5836 Dennison Rd. Toledo, OH 43615 Sleeper couch, records, chest, crates, fishing poles, folding chairs, kitchen items, shovel, rake, tools, stereo equipment, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3040 , Darnell Mays

4345 Bennett Rd. Toledo, OH 43612 Bike, chair, dresser, tires, office chair, chain saw, grill, jumper cables, printer, toolbox

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Unit: 6030 , Jaime L. Tackett

8051 Claude Ct. Sylvania, OH 43560 Clothes, pillows, comforters, mattress, box spring, miscellaneous items

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