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The following storage unit(s) will be sold at public auction by Lock-It-Up Self Storage on or after 08.20.2019 at Leonard's Auction Service, 6350 Consear Road, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267.

*The actual date and time of the auction could be held on a later date. For exact date and time, contact the auctioneer via the website at

Unit: 1206-1207 , Jacob Emans

1482 Ironwood Dr. Adrian, MI 49221 Microwave, mattress, box spring, recliners, Shop Vac, bed frame, cot, night stand, mat

Unit: 1023 , Matthew Nicosia

7037 Tracy Creek Dr. Apt. 3A Perrysburg, OH 43551 Hutch, books, toiletries, clothes, glassware, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1042 , Timothy Apger

975 W. Maple Ave. Adrian, MI 49221 Baby swing, baby items, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1044 , Nathan Santiago

435 Spring ST. Adrian, MI 49221 Bassinet, car seat, high chair, fan, portable heater, set of plastic drawers, stroller, potty seat, baby items, books, clothes, chair, hamper, baby bouncer, crib, crib mattress, backpack, table, dresser, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1052 , Tiffany Adams

521 French St. Adrian, MI 49221 Mattress, box spring, changing table, bed frame, headboard, crib, clothes, shoes, filing cabinet, dresser, table, microwave cart, shelving, TV stand, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2054 , Gleason Fain

1772 Towline Hwy. Adrian, MI 49221 Dressers, chairs, clothes rack, microwave, helmets, shoes, pans, pillow, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3025 , David McCarty

2102 Greenview Dr. Adrian, MI 49221 Bar, freezer, sweeper, mirror, gas can, fryer, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5020 , Stevie Garza

223 Budlong St. Adrian, MI 49221 Tires, holiday décor, child’s play kitchen, child’s desk w/chair, pack n’ play, car seat, toy box, shovel, mattress, bed frame, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6024 , Angela Fleming

802 Frank St. Adrian, MI 49221 Night stands, end tables, mattress, hamper, clothes, hangers

Unit: 7019 , Ambrosia Baer

– P.O. Box 18111 Fairfield, OH 45018, 1231 W. Maumee St. Adrian, MI 49221 Portable air conditioner, fluorescent light bulbs, folding table, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7044 , Kierra Waltz

1039 State St. Adrian, MI 49221, 713 Occidental Rd. Tecumseh, MI 49286 Toys, clothes, stuffed animals, stroller, holiday décor, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 3057 , Ashley Samczyk

20911 Liberty Hi Rd. Bowling Green, OH 43402 Highchair, speaker, crib, pillow, toys, book

Unit: 3012 , Jonathan Cheney

1048 N. Main St. Lot 48 Bowling Green, OH 43402 Table and chairs

Unit: 10013 , Kelli Stevenson

225 Frazee Ave. Bowling Green, OH 43402 Drawing table w/stool, Tonino Lamborghini bicycle, carpet cleaner, sweeper, laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, baskets, hangers, linens, Christmas tree stand, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 2219 , Quentin Sims

622 E. State St. Fremont, OH 43420 Mattress, box spring, bed frame, entertainment center, monitor, air conditioner, fire pit, TV, camping grill, rake, dressers, speedbag, books, jump rope, night stand, printer/scanner, foot spa, clothes, laptop, modem, headboard, electric fireplace, toys, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3313 , Chandral Phillips

1228 June St. Apt. 6 Fremont, OH 43420 Mirror, purses, holiday décor, chaise lounge, vase, bed frame, CD’s, microwave cart, ottoman, headboard, wall décor, curio cabinet, toys, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3305 , Tony Nickel

209 S. Clover Fremont, OH 43420 Emergency light, car speaker, hard hats, oxygen tank, scanner, high visibility vests, cowboy boots, Fireman’s hat, clothes, air mattress, tackle box, bucket, police scanner, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3316 , Mallory Abbott

833 Fennimore St. Fremont, OH 43420 Tiles, corner shelf, chairs, curtain rods, kitchen items, pull up bar, shoes, dog bed, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3333 , Lavarr Carter

1267 Liberty St. Fremont, OH 43420 Fans, space heater, toys, books, lamps, mirrors, luggage, child’s chair, electric skillet, mini blinds, plastic drawers, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5548 , Tyson Johnson

222 ½ Elliot St. Fremont, OH 43420 Freezer, refrigerator, washers, dryers, couches, microwave, humidifier, table, mattress, baby gate, babay rocker, baby walker, toys, pack n’ play, toddler bed, bed frame, chairs, rugs, briefcase, router, holiday décor, ironing board, duffel bag, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6611 , Jennifer B. Faeth

461 E. Tiffin St. Fostoria, OH 44830 Rolling desk, storage bench, night stand, book shelves, ottoman, filing cabinet, hutch, milk crates, plastic drawers, vase, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7742 , Lori Nay

1228 June St. Apt. 6 Fremont, OH 43420 TV’s, luggage, TV stand, office chair, mattress, box spring, TV trays, couch, bench, Christmas tree, coffee table, utility shelf, ottoman, end tables, mirror, holiday décor, board games, clothes, camping grill, step ladder, miscellaneous items

Unit: 8808 , Cassie Ahlgrim

P.O. Box 325 Fremont, OH 43420 Bed frame, booster seat, plastic drawers, toys, clothes, purses, hamper, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 11044 , Andrew Smith

612 Napoleon St. Apt. C Fremont, OH 43420 Schwinn bike, folding table, cooler, tent, home décor, end table, wardrobe, dresser, coffee table, bookcase, yarn, kitchen items, clothes, chain saw, miscellaneous items

Unit: 8807 , Sasha Demmy

1119 Buchman Rd. Fremont, OH 43420 Child’s table and chairs, dishwasher, clothes, home décor, hamper, miscellaneous items

Unit: 10045 , Laurie Black

500 Court St. Apt. 2B Fremont, OH 43420 Trunk, end table, microwave, toys, home décor, tool box, clothes, shovel, plastic drawers, couch, duffel bags, kitchen items, fan, luggage, miscellaneous items

Unit: 10056 , Theodore Ravas

3007 Hayes Ave. Fremont, OH 43420 Curio cabinet, air conditioner, fan, table, cabinets, wicker shelf, utility shelves, black light, fireplace cover, fireplace tools, glassware, utility cabinet, home décor, folding table and chairs, rug, Christmas tree, bookshelf, headboard, Stanley tool chest, lantern, trellis, mirror, holiday décor, miscellaneous items

Unit: 11015 , Michael Lather

315 Middle St. Fremont, OH 43420 Office chair, clothes, humidifier, dressers, mattress, box spring, laundry baskets, duffel bag, hampers, miscellaneous items

Unit: 12021 , Kathleen Buckley

P.O. Box 312 Fremont, OH 43420 Filing cabinets, cart, gas can, fishing pole, golf clubs, holiday décor, office chair, vanity, end tables, fire extinguishers, chairs, candelabras, work bench, bed frame, crock pot, head board, footboard, microwave, shutters, picnic basket, lamps, ladder, kitchen items, TV stand, glassware, jewelry box, dresser, sewing box, plastic drawers, teapots, vases, tools, books, patio bricks, miscellaneous items

Unit: 13020 , Edmundo Vega-Manchardo

9 East 7th St. Clifton, NJ 07011 Ladders, moving blanket, rolls of tape

Unit: 16021 , Roger Loose

165 Wisteria Dr. Fremont, OH 43420 Four-wheeler, lawn mower, rototiller, tanning bed, food prep station, industrial oven, pilates power gym, display cases, gas powered bicycle

Unit: 16027 , Juliana Borders

17 Treetop Way Kentfield, CA 94904, 807 Hayes Ave. Fremont, OH 43420 Lawn mower, snowblower, skis, dresser, microwave, luggage, space heater, desk, rug, bookshelf, chairs, filing cabinet, home décor, laundry basket, miscellaneous items

Unit: 16041 , Kathleen Buckley

P.O. Box 312 Fremont, OH 43420 Wood burner, vases, China, rolling cart, patio bricks, chicken coop, rug, ironing board, storage bench, lamps, couch, dressers, wrought iron outdoor stairs, wicker furniture, curtain rod, mirror, table, luggage, headboard, footboard, plant stands, Shepherd’s hooks, clothing racks, portfolio case, bird feeders, holiday décor, garden décor, garden hose, mattresses, bike, books

Unit: 14101 , Edmundo Vega-Manchardo

9 East 7th St. Clifton, NJ 07011 Hand trucks, ladder, dresser

Unit: 13053 , Andres Guerrero

257 North St. Fremont, OH 43420, 1451 Oak Harbor Apt. 21A Fremont, OH 43420 Record player, baker’s rack, holiday décor, air climber, chair, walking stick, treadmill, desk, bed frame, dolls, stuffed animals, potty chair, fan, books, toys, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 5045 , Rojene Buffington

145 Licking St. Toledo, OH 43605 Fish tank w/stand, TV, birdcages, lamp, chair, stuffed animal, shelf, coffee table, stool, home décor, bench, broom, foot spa, end table, desk, miscellaneous items

Unit: 11101 , Jason St. Johns

2510 Consaul St. Lot 52 Toledo, OH 43605 Couch, animal kennel, pressure washer, lawn mower, ottoman, heater, end tables, floor lamp, corner table, stool, tools

Unit: 11204 , Scott Merillat

3033 Navarre Ave. Apt. D Oregon, OH 43616 Totes, hamper, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 8046 , James Bollinger

917 Mambrino Rd. Oregon, OH 43616 Fishing poles, freezer, barber’s chair, sweeper, dishwasher, animal crate, bird cage, loft bed frame, cue rack, end table, desk, pressure cooker, toys, tackle boxes, gun holster, lamp, mattress, box spring, leather couch, baker’s rack, fans, duck decoys, picnic basket, flag, kitchen items, miscellaneous items

Unit: 8045 , Joe Conley

2707 Pickle Rd. Apt. 93 Oregon, OH 43616 Animal cages, dolly, air compressor, tennis rackets, power tools, saw, level, ladders, table saw, wood, fishing pole, coffee table, desk, couch, easel, wine glasses, art, utility shelves, dresser, jack, duffel bag, office chair, high chairs, board games, monitor, cooler, garden items, floor tiles, miscellaneous items

Unit: 8020 , Rebecca Welsh

12026 Corduroy Rd. Curtice, OH 43412 Jeep stroller, TVG stand, child’s workbench, coffee table, helmet, hot plate

Unit: 7044 , Michael Keesbury

1905 Tracy Rd. Lot 103 Northwood, OH 43619 Grill, washer, dryer, refrigerator, microwave

Unit: 7014 , Nadia Castilleja

63 Cedarwood dr. Oregon, OH 43616 Side table, microwave, home décor, TV, helmet, artificial plants, cooler, stereo, BB gun, umbrella, books, tennis racket, doll, tackle box, messenger bag, clock, baseballs, purse, DVD’s, plastic trunks, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7008 , Roseanna Schilt

506 Paine Ave. Toledo, OH 43605 Mattress, box spring, car seat, toys, washer, dryer. clothes, bed frames, dresser, stuffed animals, Christmas tree, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6057 , Alan Nelson

1304 Dearborn Ave. Oregon, OH 43616, 1712 Greenwood Ave. Toledo, OH 43605 Carpet cleaner, dressers, screens, potting soil, bike, end table, thermometer, map, holiday décor, bed frame, cooler, speakers, toolboxes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1007 , William J. Nelson

2510 Consaul St. Lot 211 Toledo, OH 43605 Pallets, shelf, dressers, end tables, poster, TV, DVD’s, stove, laundry baskets, miscellaneous items

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Ottawa Lake North of Sylvania

6424 Memorial Highway, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267

Unit: 10115 , Justin Roscoe

14369 Dixon Rd. Dundee, MI 48131 Trunks, fish tank, books, telescope, animal crate, media stand, stereo, desk, bed frames, folding table, CD player, torque wrench, dart board, tire, toys, glassware, action figures, Carhartt bibs, tool boxes, record albums, saddle bag, miscellaneous items

Unit: 9956 , Marc Beightol

119 S. 2nd St. Waterville, OH 43566 Wood, workbench, shelves, printer, sink

Unit: 30415 , Warren Doncouse

8450 Sterns Rd. Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 1990 Fleetwood Pace Arrow

Unit: 7380 , Tiffany Tansel

1826 Harlan Rd. Toledo, OH 43615 Dart cabinet, radio, wall décor, dart board, luggage, plastic drawers, tent, figurines, shelf, fishing poles, golf clubs, end table, CD player, home décor, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 1007 , Chad Edwards

27695 Tracy Rd. Lot 244 Walbridge, OH 43465 Toolboxes, lantern, crowbar, shelves, siphon, funnels, level, speakers, amplifier, 2-ton floor jack, tire inflator, kitchen items, candy dispenser, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1204 , Sonia McDonald

1670 Buchanan St. Fremont, OH 43420 Coffee table, chimenea, clothes, snowboard, luggage, office chair, snow boots, home décor, entertainment center, helmet, oil burners, kitchen items, holiday décor, snow globe, end table, shoes, sweeper, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1036 , Erik Gould

325 W. Indiana Ave. Perrysburg, OH 43551 Bed frame, headboard, footboard, box spring, mattress, pillows, couch

Unit: 41102 , Kimberly Vanhooser

P.O. Box 1163 Perrysburg, OH 43552 Record albums, stuffed animals, tools, baby items, decorative plates, folding chairs, 8 tacks, coins, jewelry, pictures, toys, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2042 , Virginia Seab

P.O. Box 470425 Broadview, OH 44147 Home décor, bike, garden lights, mannequin parts, cart, bed frame, board games, Littlechap dolls, hat boxes, printer, chandelier, garden supplies, table, desks, Cabbage Patch dolls, dresser, utility shelf, wood burner, exercise bike, side table, toolbox, clothes, vintage toys, bird house, fireplace tools, linens, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2801 , Craig Harpel

6537 Eastview Dr. Whitehouse, OH 43571 Dresser, mattress, box spring, air mattress, surround sound, shoes, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4202 , Jerry Wimbush

7439 Lunitas Ln. Apt. 5 Perrysburg, OH 43551 Dressers, 26- gallon air compressor, 5-gallon air compressor, amplifier, battery charge, washer, sweeper, TV’s, toaster oven, small motor, mirror, cooler, tool box, kitchen items, air mattress w/pump, tripods, end table, Argas 300 automatic projector, books, hose, RCA camcorder

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Unit: 1063 , Timothy Bates

18270 Archdale St. Detroit, MI 48235 TV

Unit: 2031 , Chad White

5010 Chardonnay Ln. Oregon, OH 43616 Communication cable, utility shelves, cable splitters, phone jacks

Unit: 3031 , Marc Hehl

2061 Glen Arbor Dr. Toledo, OH 43614 Cart, shelving, microwave stand, thermometer, lawn mower, shoes, level, utility lights, picture frames, tools, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7027 , Bruce Bond

12445 Grogan Dr. Perrysburg, OH 43551 TV, freezer, printer, coffee table, patio table, chair, ironing board, speakers, desk, shoes, DVD’s, kitchen items, mattress, box spring, lamp, luggage, leather couch, bed frame, stereo equipment, end tables, bar stools, rug, side table, miscellaneous items

Unit: 9004-9039 , Jason Pacheco

507 Harrison St. Passaic, NJ 07055 Bed frame, TV’s, home décor, fish tank, child’s bike, dressers, artificial plants, mattresses, box springs, washer, dryer, head board, purses, rocking horse, ironing board, foot spa, desk, planter, chairs, couch, night stands, TV mount, ottomans, love seat, military items, miscellaneous items

Unit: 10019 , Sterling Felix

228 S. College Dr. Apt. L Bowling Green, OH 43402 Microwave, TV stand, mattress, fan

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Unit: 2201 , Helen McClellan

1305 Buckingham St. Toledo, OH 43607 Keyboards, wood trim, dishes, rock salt, clothes, many miscellaneous items

Unit: 2444 , Tiffany O'Leary

541 Walsh St. Toledo, OH 43609 Hutch, mattress, box spring

Unit: 2414 , Helen McClellan

1305 Buckingham St. Toledo, OH 43607 Clothes, shoes, many miscellaneous items

Unit: 2503 , Kelli Amato

1312 E. Manhattan Blvd. Toledo, OH 43608 Refrigerator, play kitchen, mattress, box spring, stove, dryer, bar stools, TV, microwave, end table, fan, table, kitchen items, chairs, griddle, fish tank, toys, child gate, heater, bistro table

Unit: 4307 , Ethel Koonce

5808 Spring Hollow Dr. Toledo, OH 43615 Patio table and chairs, printer, home décor, mattress, bed frame, clothes, night stand, shoes, kitchen items, jewelry box, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4313 , William Triplett

751 Fernwood Ave. Toledo, OH 43604 TV’s, refrigerator, organ, skateboards, doors, water heater, furnace, fan, bed frame, hand truck, fire extinguisher, clothes, stove, industrial Shop Vac, wheelchair, microwave, chain saw w/case, luggage, kitchen table and chairs, cooler, heater, duffel bag, rifle, hall tree, tools, patio umbrella, night stand, BBQ pit, tripod, wicker basket, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5216 , Sheriese Blackman

P.O. Box 718 Toledo, OH 43697 Ladder, toaster oven, microwave, slow cooker, fishing poles, shovel, broadcaster, bed frame, pictures, step ladders, trunk, tool box, radio, trash can, flower pots, paintings, kitchen items, gas can, patio umbrella, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3105 , Ashley Morris

1127 Waverly Ave. Toledo, OH 43604 TV, child’s bike, coolers, shoes, clothes, kitchen table and chairs, folding table, folding chairs, lamp, end table, fan, shovels, stroller, plastic set of drawers, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3331 , Michael Bailey

5242 Glencrag Way Toledo, OH 43615 Trampoline, end table, luggage, pictures, glassware, walker, cigar box, kitchen items, home décor, vases, clothes, shoes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4111 , Melissa Lewis

2341 Kemper Ave. Toledo, OH 43609 Coffee tables, Craftsman tool storage, step ladder, kitchen table and chairs, end tables, grill, dining table, mattress, box spring, bed frame, books, holiday décor, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5709 , Kiara Robinson

717 Western Ave. Toledo, OH 43609 Utility shelf, messenger bag, tote, bedding, chair, cleaning supplies, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6104 , Helen McClellan

1305 Buckingham St. Toledo, OH 43607 Sweeper, step ladder, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6108 , Susan Eisenbrandt

2204 Airline Ave. Toledo, OH 43609 Utility closet, sewing machine, shovel, kitchen items, painting supplies, books, holiday décor, oxygen tank, crib, sled, luggage, kitchen table and chairs, lock boxes, end table, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6216 , Ralonda Sherman

2535 South Ave. Toledo, OH 43609 Couch, love seat, patio table

Unit: 7105 , Kelsey K. Glover Jr.

959 Post St. Toledo, OH 43610 Black & Decker edger, stereo parts, gas can, baseball bat, mirrors, clothes, hampers, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7107 , William Mallory

535 Virginia St. Toledo, OH 43620 Refrigerator, car jack, bass guitar, electric guitars, TV trays, sweeper, fan, carpet cleaner, tool box, tools, swords, washer, folding table, folding chairs, lawn mower, weed trimmer, shovel, dresser, guitar cases, fishing poles, lures, bow & arrow, umbrella, cooler, pop tent, DVR, board games, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7214 , Larry Mitchell

1746 Ottawa Dr. Toledo, OH 43606 Clothes, TV, TV mount, Playstation 3, mini fridge, shoes, TV, folding chairs, DVR, booster seat, tackle box, fan, purses, book bags, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7218 , Tonisha Ballard

3720 Willow Run Dr. Toledo, OH 43607 Leather love seat, couch, mattress, box spring, bed frame, end tables, kitchen table and chairs, ironing board, toys, children’s furniture, home décor, bedding, hamper, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7220 , Lisa Devault

411 Bender Dr. Toledo, OH 43609 Stereo, shoes, kitchen items, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7227 , Muretta Walls

7 Ravine Park Village Toledo, OH 43605 Desks, refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove, freezer, table, mattress, hospital bed, medical equipment, home décor, miscellaneous items

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Toledo Southwest Reynolds Corner

802 South Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH 43614

Unit: 7009 , Jennifer Hawkins

5947 Bryan Rd. Oregon, OH 43616 Rolling desk, trunk, lamp, home décor, TV stand, recliners, love seat, shower chair, walkers, table, end tables, dresser, night stands, mattress, box spring, bed frame, sweeper, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6029 , Amber Thomas

142 ½ Elgin Ave. Toledo, OH 43605 Clothes, kitchen items, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5004 , April Jeffries

1332 Winnette Dr. Toledo, OH 43614 Lamp, lawn mower, dresser, TV, sweepers, curio cabinet, ladder, end tables, leaf blower, dishes, trash can, coffee maker, bookcases, laptops, curtain rods, guitar case, rake, luggage, holiday décor, headlights, plastic set of drawers, mirror, home décor, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5005 , Ivory Quinn

1105 Palmwood Ave. Toledo, OH 43607 Couch, love seat, folding chairs, play pen, air conditioner, desk, kitchen table and chairs, refrigerator, mattress, bed frame, plastic set of drawers, curtains, camping stove, laundry baskets, bedding

Unit: 5019 , Michael Hubbard

7547 Royal Timbers Ln. Waterville, OH 43566 Organ w/stool, air conditioner, cooler, office chair, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7005 , Robin McCant

6430 South Ave. Holland, OH 43528 Office desks, filing cabinets, bookcase, storage cabinet

Unit: 2308 , Arnold Harris

2421 Lawton Ave. Toledo, OH 43620 Leather sectional couch, kitchen table and chairs, home décor

Unit: 1043 , Candy Carter

8596 Green Rd. Lakeview, MI 48850 Clothes, plastic set of drawers, shoes, air mattress, kitchen items, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1037 , Amy Sharp

5702 Angola Rd. Lot 257 Toledo, OH 43615 Toys, corner shelf, end tables, air conditioner, TV, Christmas tree, home décor, basketball game, child’s chair, child’s drum set, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1102 , Brian Gordon

1319 Pinewood Ave. Toledo, OH 43607 Leather couch, chaise lounge, coffee table, shoes, hats, clothes, stool

Unit: 3531 , Jennifer Brown

613 Waverly Ave. Toledo, OH 43607 Toddler bed, clothes, bookcase, mattress, box spring, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3530 , Sally Holt

P. O. Box 444 Huron, OH 44839 Globe, end tables, automobile seats, sweeper, folding chairs, secretary, luggage, lamp, clothes, cooler, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3529 , Rodney Gordon

3162 Strathmoor Ave. Toledo, OH 43614 Wheelchair, mirror, walker, cane, stereo, coffee table, CD rack, rugs, pillows, clothes, bedding, books, lamp, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3518 , George Young

17240 Burgess Apt. 303 Detroit, MI 48219 Couch, dresser, coffee maker, folding table and chairs, stereo, tools, desk, mattress, box spring, curio cabinet, breakfast bar, CD player, cooler, home décor, bedding, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3414 , Sean Mathis Jr.

2560 Eastgate Rd. Apt. 1 Toledo, OH 43614 TV’s, sweeper, luggage, board games, kitchen items, microwave, clothes, desk lamp, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3427 , Richard Montgomery

295 E. 208th St. Euclid, OH 44123 Bike, snowboard, folding bed, laptop, artificial plants, fishing poles, home décor, weights, folding chair, books, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3310 , Susan Alexander

1223 Colburn St. Toledo, OH 43609 Sewing machine, yarn, craft supplies, hat, laundry baskets, clothes, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 1005 , Heavenly Holt

326 Richards Rd. Toledo, OH 43607 Oxygen tank, child’s bike, hospital bed, mattress, clothes, walker, wheelchair, child’s cot, respiratory equipment, Ab roller, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1009 , Vichalon Jefferson

– 835 Byrneport Dr. Toledo, OH 43609 TV’s, chaise lounge, mattress, box spring, bed frame, shoes, office chair, kitchen items, monitor, desk, filing cabinet, mirrors, radio, DVR, stereo equipment, clothes, pillows, fryer, gas can, books, leather jacket, alarm clock, toys, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1020 , Tyrone McCain

309 Wexham Ln. Apt. 2 Maumee, OH 43537 Kitchen chairs, stroller, highchair, toys, computer, paint tray, rubber gloves, books, extension cord, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1043 , Dana Price

P.O. Box 12563 Toledo, OH 43606 Grandfather clock, sweeper, lamps, holiday décor, end table, headboard, coffee table, trash cans, sound system, microwave, TV, cooler, fan, milk crates, shoes, clothes, hats, rack, home décor, luggage, folding chairs, cleaning supplies, mini blinds, ottoman, battery charger, kitchen chairs, miscellaneous

Unit: 2008 , Robinlynne R. Mackey

1533 South Ave. Toledo, OH 43609 End table, display case, kitchen items, cribs, rattan table and chairs, dressers, dishwasher, stove, shoes, hangers, stool, folding chairs, extension cords, easel, Shop Vac, step ladder, books, toys, air pump, lantern, paint supplies, microscope, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2014 , Dana Price

P.O. Box 12563 Toledo, OH 43606, 3200 Glendale Ave. Toledo, OH 43614 Dressers, mirror, vertical blinds, floor lamp, TV stand w/mount, coffee table, vases, end tables, air conditioner, clothes, chaise lounge, couch, mattress, box spring, side table, wine rack, glassware, shoes, fan, home décor, rug, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3014 , Tiffany Dye

3019 Nebraska Lot 72 Toledo, OH 43607 Refrigerator, hutch, lawn mower, pet carrier, electric guitar, beer sign, monitors, fire pit, fan, lamp, holiday décor, ladders, milk crates, fishing poles, fishing tackle, walking canes, speakers, power tools, deep fryer, books, shovel, level, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3021 , Michael Kieme

802 Woodsdale Ave. Toledo, OH 43609 Couch, chair, clothes, stuffed animals, Christmas tree, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4011 , Tatia Brooks

5739 Dorr St. Toledo, OPH 43615, 321 Mayberry St. Toledo, OH 43609 Grand Prix

Unit: 6102 , Mark Cunningham

38 Orchid Dr. Holland, OH 43528 TV, pack n’ play, car seat, crib, bunk bed, shoe rack, baby items, DVD player, couch, rug, mattress, chairs, ironing board, clothes, rifles, toys, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5021 , Joshua London

555 Foredale Ave. Toledo, OH 43609 Box spring, broadcaster, food processor, heater, roaster, air mattress, microwave stand, bed frame, office chair, Swiffer

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Toledo West Miracle Mile

4601 Jackman Rd., Toledo, OH 43612

Unit: 4201-4202-4203 , Kaelar Spires

1039 McDonald St. Toledo, OH 43612 Washer, dryer

Unit: 4406 , Ashley Carter

1208 Warwick Ave. Toledo, OH 43607 Treadmill, washer, dryer, elliptical machine, grill, rocking chair, ottoman, home décor, sweeper, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4707 , Megan Fagan

1821 Talbot St. Toledo, OH 43613 Dressers, stuffed animals, toys, lamp shade

Unit: 4502 , Ramona Magana

2550 Raintree Ln. Toledo, OH 43611 Folding table and chairs, ironing board, lamps, end table, coffee table, TV stand, microwave, curtain rods, home décor, rolling shelf, scale, tools, duffel bag, shoes, linens, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4008 , Swan Alexander Darden

1442 Schuyler Rd. Toledo, OH 43612 Bed frames, freezer, dolly, night stand, grill, step stool, exercise equipment, toys, dresser, board games, mirror, utility shelves, microwave, lawn chair, curtain rods, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6005 , Treva Lovings

15 Ottawa Landings Dr. Apt. 203 Toledo, OH 43607 Fan, luggage, coffee table, purses, rugs, laundry baskets, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6223 , Angela N. Fowler

1947 Milburn Ave. Toledo, OH 43606, 1920 W. Alexis Rd. Apt. 203 Toledo, OH 43613 Mattresses, box springs, bed frame, dresser, night stands, washer

Unit: 6228 , Jennifer L. Switzer

3924 Homewood Ave. Toledo, OH 43612 Dishes, holiday décor, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2912 , Morgan Taylor Delaney

6255 Telegraph Rd. Lot 236 Erie, MI 48133 Washer, coffee tables, broom, mop, rugs, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2043 , Michael Hopson

4449 Jackman Rd. Toledo, OH 43612 Refrigerator, TV’s, chair, desk, patio chairs, organ, luggage, portable air conditioner, lamp shade, rolling chairs, fish tank, holiday décor, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2809 , Tannette Lahti

923 Paxton St. Toledo, OH 43608 Kitchen table and chairs, stove, lamp, clock, end tables, air conditioner, home décor, clothes, holiday décor, snow shovels, linens, rolling rack, side table, fans, magazine holder, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2101 , Jessica Lynn Bellman

1645 Palmwood Ave. Toledo, Oh 43607 Mattress, box spring, couches, coffee table, floor lamp, artificial tree, end table, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1902 , Shirley A. Johnson

4020 Stannard Dr. Toledo, OH 43613 Carpet cleaner, air conditioner, holiday décor, mattress, box spring, patio umbrella stand, fan, ladder, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1076 , Alana R. Pearson

P.O. Box 6651 Toledo, OH 43612 TV, mirror, antenna, clothes, shoes, home décor, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1070 , Jacqueline A. Harris

4108 Asbury Dr. Toledo, OH 43612 Heater, ironing board, toys, fans, stuffed animals, dressers, bed frames, home décor, dryers, washer, kitchen table and chairs, clothes, shoes, laundry baskets, foot spa, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1061 , Aaron G. Struck

3490 W. Alexis Rd. Apt. 8D Toledo, OH 43623 Mattress, box spring, dressers, chair, desk, tape measure, crock pot

Unit: 1056 , Dion Douglas

3028 ½ Warsaw St. Toledo, OH 43608 Clock, bed frame, sweeper, TV’s, stereo equipment, home décor, lawn chair, dryer, griddle, kitchen items, artificial plants, roaster, dressers, shoes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1017 , Lucas Harteis

3809 Monroe St. Lower Unit Toledo, OH 43606 Cello with case, toy chest, toys, table, toddler bed, media rack, dresser, coffee table, kitchen table and chairs, mattress, box spring, crib, couches, wicker chest, bed frame, holiday décor, clothes, printer, kitchen items, lamp, home décor, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1008 , Stacy Hill

2671 Tremainsville Rd. Apt. 204 Toledo, OH 43613 Fountain, garment bag, clothes, back pack, camping chairs, kitchen items, milk crates, luggage, tackle box, miscellaneous items

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Toledo West Northtowne

5401 Telegraph Rd, Toledo, OH 43612

Unit: 2018 , Nora Wilkerson

5 W. Crawford Ave. Toledo, OH 43612 Pots, pans, stools, luggage, picnic basket, garbage can, kitchen items, light posts, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1013 , Karen Gay Laitur

1225 Strandwyck Dr. Monroe, MI 48161 Mailbox, baby items, wagon, luggage, many miscellaneous items

Unit: 4027 , Michael Gilbert

3142 Doyle St. Toledo, OH 43608 Mattress, box spring, luggage, bucket, many miscellaneous items

Unit: 4032 , Betty Conrad

3023 Edison St. Toledo, OH 43611 Golf bag w/clubs, grill, mattress, bed frame, clothes, books, kitchen items, VCR, laptop, office chair, fan, end table, coffee maker, oxygen tank, books, milk crates, miscellaneous items

Unit: 8032 , Donald Brenner

9145 Angola Rd. Holland, OH 43528 Wheelbarrow, tires, treadmill, slot machine, propane tank, car jack, curio cabinet, rolling tool chests, jacks, lawn chairs, wardrobe, microwave, mattress, tool boxes, end tables, refrigerators, helmet, gas can, shovel, broom, clothes, step ladder, work light, miscellaneous item

Unit: 3026 , Regina Famiano

1812 Valley Forge Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80526, 1726 14th Ave. Apt. B Greely, CO 80631 Roaster, sweeper, DVR player, microwave, couches, home décor, mini fridge, mattress, box spring, ironing board, lamp, light fixture, kitchen items, window fan, end tables, luggage, table, rocking chairs, bread maker, Red Wings garbage can, roller blades, office chair, ottoman, folding chair, dry erase board, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3028 , Billy Threet II

4035 Parakeet Ave. Toledo, OH 43612 Books, adult potty chair, milk crates, set of plastic drawers, sweeper, toys, exercise ball, cooler, luggage, folding table, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3035 , Jeffrey Bach

4413 Caroline Ave. Toledo, OH 43612 Infrared heater, fishing poles, leaf blower, grill, washer, space heater, couch, microwave, bed frame. Curio cabinet, window fans, Shop Vac, dryer, stadium chairs, lamps, coolers, boom box, kitchen items, gas can, golf clubs, tent, roaster, coffee table, toys, recliner, end tables, holiday décor, bench, TV trays, clothes, instrument case, garden tools, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3040 , Darnell Mays

4345 Bennett Rd. Toledo, OH 43612 Washer, dryer, chain saw, tires, step ladder, charcoal grill, couch, bed frame, mattress, box spring, caulk gun, bike, sweeper, office chair, coffee table, dressers, end tables, kitchen items, clothes, boots, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4006 , Lorraine K. Hugill

2702 Collingwood Blvd. Toledo, OH 43610 Golf bag w/clubs, rug, baskets, toys, shoes, home décor, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2027 , Jalona L. Carthage

2018 Walnut St. Toledo, OH 43608 Sleigh bed frame, coffee table, play pen, vertical blinds, car seat, folding chair, stroller, holiday décor, luggage, baby items, books, purses, work light, home décor, toys, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2030 , Christopher Prevost

3221 Mulberry St. Toledo, OH 43608 Fish tank, dolly, punching bag, refrigerator, sectional couch, bassinet, farm sink, toy box, salamander, car parts, home décor, filing cabinet, stereo equipment, coffee table, safe, truck box, DVD’s, clothes, plastic set of drawers, oil drums, welding mask, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1010 , Antoria McClendon

1099 Artis Place Toledo, OH 43605 Bed frame, mattress, box spring, couch, TV stand w/mount, pillows, clothes, dresser, purses, Beats headphones, laundry baskets, bedding, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2020 , Rafael Ortiz

3739 N. Erie St. Apt. 2C Toledo, OH 43611 Coffee table, mattresses, box springs, bed frame, ironing board, microwave, TV, dresser, curtain rods, Christmas tree, scooter, duffel bags, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2023 , Bill Harrer

845 Rochelle Rd. Toledo, OH 43615 Several rolls of carpet padding

Unit: 1202 , Stephanie Pompa

4148 Stannard Dr. Toledo, OH 43613 Animal crate, shoes, clothes, fishing poles, hangers, tiki torches, hockey sticks, lunch box, blankets, luggage, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2605 , Laura Walker

520 W. Alexis Rd. Apt. 7 Toledo, OH 43612 Carpet cleaner, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5521 , James Tanner

5153 Elaine Dr. Toledo, OH 43613 Tire, end table, plastic set of drawers, locker, home décor, golf club, speakers, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5523 , Dawn Lewis

3935 Sylvania Ave. Apt. 4 Toledo, OH 43623 Chairs, pots, pans, TV stand, entertainment center, dresser, kitchen items, lamp shades, recliner, coffee table, lamps, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4122 , Phillip Wright

832 Bricker Ave. Toledo, OH 43608 Tripod, clothes, bedding, glassware, dinnerware set, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4125 , Karen Gay Laitur

1225 Strandwyck Dr. Monroe, MI 48161 Bassinet, holiday décor, fishing poles, ladder, home décor, many miscellaneous items

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Unit: 2214 , Michael Wisniewski

5679 Monroe St. Unit 710 Sylvania, OH 43560 Holiday décor, hangers, paperwork, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2008 , Bradley Suwinski

P.O. Box 1042 Sylvania, OH 43560 Pogo stick, baseball bats, golf bag w/clubs, weed trimmer, edger, dining table and chairs, broadcaster, roaster, child’s baseball glove chair, scooter, end table, bookcase, baseball cards, stereo, desks, lawn chairs, home décor, folding chairs, TV, board games, books, printer, drying rack, ice cream maker, fire pit, crutches, planter, luggage, holiday décor, rug, plastic drawers, clothes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4006 , Darlene Wisniewski

5679 Monroe St. Unit 710 Sylvania OH 43560 Holiday décor, bedding, linens, dishes, kitchen items, exercise ball, stuffed animals, miscellaneous items

Unit: 2220 , Darlene Wisniewski

5679 Monroe ST. Unit 710 Sylvania OH 43560 Shark sweeper, artificial plant, ladder, mirror, plastic racks, towels, luggage, bucket, duffel bag, folding table, miscellaneous items

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