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The following storage unit(s) will be sold at public auction by Lock-It-Up Self Storage on or after 06.29.2021 at Leonard's Auction Service, 6350 Consear Road, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267.

*The actual date and time of the auction could be held on a later date. For exact date and time, contact the auctioneer via the website at

Unit: 2007 , Charles Todd

7942 Stephens Way Manitou Beach, MI 49253 Shelving components, couches, garbage can, dining table, TV’s, computers, animal cages, luggage, sweeper, crutches, tables, Christmas tree, miscellaneous items

Unit: 7024 , Nicholas Anderson

307 E. Michigan Ave. Clinton, MI 49236 Dresser, mattress, box spring, TV, TV stand, RC car, lamp, fans, clothes, bedding, baby gate, toolbox, camping chair, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1038 , Teri Yoder

322 Logan St. Adrian, MI 49221 Mattresses, box spring, sectional sofa, washer, table, stool, mirror, shelves, linens, sweeper, duffel bag, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 4435 , Deshawn Wingo

19756 Kingsville St. Harper Woods, MI 482256 Folding tables, balls, dresser, mattress, box spring, shoes, area rug, bed frame, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 2013 , Michael Inocentes

611 Prentice Ave. Toledo, OH 43605 Sweeper, cooler, fans, refrigerator, crib w/mattress, books, air compressor, cleaning supplies, air mattress, miscellaneous items

Unit: 11003 , Braxton Stewart

2059 Idaho St. Toledo, OH 43605 Fishing rods, car stereo, tire w/rim, ladder, dining table, bed frame, mattress, box spring, laptops, cordless drill, toolbox, TV stand, video games, power washer, metal cabinet, clothes, tools, hydraulic jack, Ipad

Unit: 4013 , Marc Knapstein

1226 Nevada St. Toledo, OH 43605 Pallet jack

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Unit: 2802 , James Fagerstorm

102 Three Meadows Perrysburg, OH 43551 Books, dishes, luggage, holiday décor, cleaning supplies, shovel, bed frame, chair, stuffed animal, folding chair, folding bed, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 6010-6011-6059-6060 , Robert Rosas

1503 Charmaine Dr. Toledo, OH 43614 2020 Kia Rio

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Unit: 2201 , Victor Ramsey

596 Leach Ave. Toledo, OH 43605 Bike, air conditioner, mattress, box spring, bed frame, dishes, laundry basket, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5212 , Chris Hernandez

2537 N. Erie St. Apt. 16 Toledo, OH 43611 Mattress, box spring, CD rack, kitchen table and chairs, dishes, dresser, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6217 , Christopher Ruiz

1250 Noble St. Toledo, OH 43608 Wood, fishing pole, mattress, bottles, speaker box, clothes, baby toys, car seat, highchair, dresser, miscellaneous items

Unit: 8103 , Brandon Boyle

536 Nicholas St. Toledo, OH 43609 Box spring, weed trimmer, car battery

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Toledo Southwest Holland

6387 South Avenue, Toledo, OH 43615

Unit: 4101 , James Thomas

4650 N. Park Ln. Toledo, OH 43615 Dressers, coolers, toys, mattress, box spring, bed frame, dining table and chairs, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5002 , Theresa Bowman

4109 Harvest Ln. Toledo, OH 43623 Grill/smoker, running boards, Dodge Ram truck grille, tools, muffler, air compressor, coolers, patio table umbrella, dressers, Shop Vac, lawnmower, headboards, chainsaw, hedge trimmers, dryer, wheelbarrow, tire rim

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Toledo Southwest Reynolds Corner

802 South Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH 43615

Unit: 2202 , Keely Annon

7519 Door St. Lot 95 Toledo, OH 43615, 1705 Archwood Ln. Toledo, OH 43614 TV, rim, metal shelves, lamp, cleaning supplies, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3301 , Charles Lee

5702 Angola Rd. Lot 333 Toledo, OH 43615 Carpet cleaner, sweeper, grill, mattress, van seat, animal cage, microwave cart, chairs, mirror, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5011 , Kermit Gilbert

1975 Sunset Dr. Bassett, VA 24055 Motorcycle parts, fish tanks, TV, fishing gear, TV stand, jumper cables, heater, clothes, Shop Vac, miscellaneous items

Unit: 6016 , Ashley Pasker

2108 Birkdale Dr. Toledo, OH 43615 Recliner, desk, dresser

Unit: 10112 , Tijiaunna Williams

772 Boles Dr. Toledo, OH 43605 Luggage, pillows, baby bouncers, clothes, safe, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 2042 , Kelly Lenz

2707 Glendale Ave. Apt. 16 Toledo, OH 43614 TV, water coolers, end tables, luggage, ironing board, bike, dining table, air conditioner, wall décor, Christmas décor, dressers, cleaning supplies, fishing poles, bed frame, safe, keys, miscellaneous items

Unit: 3016 , Camp Bailey

1604 Parkside Blvd. Toledo, OH 43607 Ladder, cables, bikes, fishing poles, fan, camping gear, exercise equipment, coolers, clothes, popcorn maker, board games, folding table, miscellaneous items

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Toledo West Miracle Mile

4601 Jackman Rd., Toledo, OH 43612

Unit: 1007 , Ryan Layne

3915 Burnham Ave. Toledo. OH 43612 Computer tower, camera bag, luggage, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4602 , Eugene Harrison

3260 Schneider Rd. Apt. 109 Toledo, OH 43614 Footlocker, circular saw, toolboxes, standing toolbox, sanders, jack stand, golf bag w/clubs, tools, metal stands, locking closet, miscellaneous items

Unit: 4608 , Thomas Keller

4626 Christie St. Apt. C Toledo, OH 43602, 4435 Jackman Rd. Toledo, OH 43612 Nightstands, DVD’s, TV, bed frame, toolbox, laundry baskets, monitor, sweeper, dresser, heater, love seat, clothes, bedding, fan, dishes, miscellaneous items

Unit: 5006 , Travis B. Rideout

214 Dickens Dr. Toledo, OH 43607 Cassette tapes, couch, bike, tables, scuba tanks, coffee table, end tables, entertainment centers, bookcase, hose caddy w/hose, ladders, turntable, footstool, shelf, microwave cart, dressers, toaster oven, office chair, wood chairs, rug, speakers, amps, baseball cards, wagon, vanity, miscellaneous items

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Toledo West Northtowne

5401 Telegraph Rd, Toledo, OH 43612

Unit: 3037 , Shawn Never

245 Lochmoor Temperance, MI 48182 Luggage, toolboxes, welder, deep fryer, air compressor, hedge trimmer, welding torch w/tanks, saws, baskets, garden tools, monitor, tools, heaters, ladder, weed trimmers, grill/smoker, chainsaw, CB radios, model airplanes, camping gear, folding chairs, generator, miscellaneous items

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Unit: 7211 , Christopher Ruth

6716 Kelker St. Toledo, OH 43617 2018 Yamaha motorcycle, desk, child’s easel, wall décor, golf clubs, leaf blower, cordless garden tools, roller blades, broadcaster, miscellaneous items

Unit: 1005-1054 , Colleen Sanders

4621 Gettysburg Dr. Sylvania, OH 43560 Trunk, mirrors, ironing board, rugs, baker’s rack, wicker dresser, wicker nightstand, end tables, shepherd’s hook, home décor, baby gate, end tables, cleaning tools, plant stands, patio table, paddle board, chairs, crafting supplies, footboards, headboards, metal racks, desk, lawn chairs, coffee table, plant hangers, wicker chair w/ottoman, sweeper, nightstand, grill cover, linens, silverware, carpet pad, miscellaneous items

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