The following storage unit(s) will be sold at public auction by Lock-It-Up Self Storage on or after 10.10.17 at Leonard's Auction Service, 6350 Consear Road, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267.


*The actual date and time of the auction could be held on a later date.  For exact date and time, contact the auctioneer via the website at


Lock-It-Up Self Storage

802 South Reynolds Road

Toledo, Ohio 43615


Unit 1307 – Donneia Lawson – 1483 Kilmur Way Stone Mountain, GA 30083, 607 Pine Valley Ln. #203 Toledo, OH 43615

Vacuum, lamp, mirror, filing cabinet, plastic shelves, pictures, DVD player, holiday décor, crockpot, miscellaneous household items


Unit 7011- Rebecca Zulewski – 6102 Chaney Dr. Toledo, OH 43615

Dryer, air conditioner, lawn chair, electric heater, mini fridge, miscellaneous items


Unit 6024 – Bryan Zulewski – 6102 Chaney Dr. Toledo, OH 43615

Ladder, car seats, tool box, shovels, tools, buckets, lawn mower, adult potty chair, wheelchair, power tools, leaf blower, hard hats, cooler, miscellaneous items


Unit 7014 – Debra Buck – 11610 Monclova Rd. Monclova, OH 43542

Printer, bed frame, monitor, flower pots, metal box, step ladder, lamp, keyboard, garden hose, mattress, loveseat, clothes, blankets, ceiling fan, mirror, floor lamp, kitchen items, rug, dresser, miscellaneous items


Unit 6007 – Amanda Talley – 4158 Nebraska Ave. Toledo, OH 43607

Desks, wicker patio chairs, wicker lounge chairs, wicker bench, wall mirror, antique chair, leather chaise lounge, wicker table





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